QUICKBRAIN ACADEMY Trainings: CMMS Certifications

Guiding Teams towards Mastering Maintenance

At ENNOVIA, our teams provide training to help you master our software solutions and applications related to QUICKBRAIN CMMS.

With dozens of training sessions already conducted, our trainers can adapt their teaching approach to suit your needs and tailor their instruction based on your desired level of proficiency with the tool.

QUICKBRAIN ACADEMY welcomes you upon request, offering 3 levels of certification.

3 Certification Levels


Bronze : Certified user


Gain the basics to navigate and quickly find information within QUICKBRAIN.


SILVER : Advanced user


Validate the ability to create content and maintain an up-to-date data repository.


Gold : Admin level


Manage typical administrative operations, create users, manage permissions, import/export data, etc.

“After each training, you will receive an official certificate, along with QUICKBRAIN goodies.”. »

How to Enroll?

To join our next training session, contact us via the contact form, phone, or email:

Have you been trained on QUICKBRAIN within the last year? You can obtain your diploma directly!

Use our contact form to validate your skills and receive your certificate!