Frigates and Helicopter Carriers: MRO Contract Monitoring Tool, Chantiers de l’Atlantique (CdA), Toulon

In the first half of the 19th century, under the impetus of the State, Saint-Nazaire, then a small port with less than 1,000 inhabitants, modernized its port facilities to become the head of the transatlantic postal traffic.

In parallel, on the same site, the construction of a shipyard was entrusted by the shareholders of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique to John Scott, a Scottish engineer who was then the director of the Greenock shipyard. He and his team trained the workforce of the Nazaire shipyard, which delivered L’Impératrice Eugénie in 1864, the first paddle steamer of exceptional size for that time.

The history of the shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, known as Chantiers de l’Atlantique following the merger of Chantiers de la Loire and Chantiers de Penhoët in 1955, then Aker Yards in 2006, STX France in 2008, and again Chantiers de l’Atlantique (CdA) in 2018, is marked by a series of technological leaps, sometimes dictated by a difficult global context.

With over 150 years of industrial history, the company puts its expertise in managing major projects, from design to delivery, at the service of the extended circle of actors in the maritime world, also ensuring ship maintenance.

GMAO - IBM MAXIMO - Station-d'épuration---Bruxelles--Vinci-Construction-grand-projets-Ennovia-0723-V1

3 business units (BU):

  • Ships
  • Marine Energies and Engineering
  • Services

The BU Services offer comprehensive MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) services for the vessels of the French Navy through its agencies in Toulon and Brest.

The Project: An Efficient Technical, Financial, and Contract Monitoring Tool

The Toulon service began its MRO activities in September 2009 (creation of the service). After working on MRO for Refueling Tankers, the Toulon agency, in partnership with Naval Group, won the MRO contract for Helicopter Carriers until 2022. In January 2017, the Toulon agency also secured the MRO contract for Frigates (LaFayette – FLF).

ENNOVIA collaborated with CdA teams to implement an efficient tool for technical, financial, and contract monitoring, based on the IBM Maximo application, to support this contract implementation.

The main objective was to consolidate all the functions necessary for proper MRO contract management into a single tool without any specific development.

Furthermore, the interfaces were designed to be simple and tailored to the tasks performed by different users.

Mastered Management & Centralized Data

  • All technical data is centralized.
  • Preparations for shutdowns are done in IBM Maximo (no more Excel).
  • Operations tracking is done in IBM Maximo (no more Excel).
  • Costs monitoring is done in IBM Maximo (no more Excel).
  • Integration with IBM Maximo and SAP (CdA’s ERP).
  • Automatic generation of business monitoring reports.
  • Analysis of planned versus actual cost discrepancies.
  • Average time savings of 20% for the teams.

ENNOVIA‘s Missions

Consulting Services in Maintenance Engineering

Advice, Design, Implementation:

  • Complete configuration of the IBM MAXIMO application to enable MCO contract management.
  • Data integration using QuickBrain (Minitilt files).
  • Workshop facilitation and design of over 20 MAXIMO applications, configured for MRO management (23 users).
  • Advice on data integration and segmentation in the CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System).
  • Configuration of input and output flows for the CMMS (Import/Export of work lists, RFOs, counters, etc.).
  • Integration of Useful Life Duration, associated with each Term Rehabilitation in IBM MAXIMO.
  • Generation of indicators for business MRO management (Grafana + COGNOS).

Outsourcing IT, Information System Management, and Cybersecurity Services

This solution is hosted in the ENNOVIA virtualized infrastructure on IBM CLOUD PARIS. It is managed by ENNOVIA.

The server is supervised and maintained by ENNOVIA’s IT department. High availability is guaranteed by IBM Cloud hosting.

ENNOVIA installed the Windows server, middleware, and web applications on the virtual server provided by the IBM CLOUD platform.

Architecture: 2 virtual servers and their dedicated services

  • A Windows Maximo Production Server containing the WebSphere application server, Maximo application, and DB2 database.
  • A Quickbrain Linux server containing the Quickbrain web application and its MYSQL database.
Prestations d'infogérance, de gestion du Système d'Information (SI) et de la Cybersécurité : photo d'illustration - ENNOVIA -GMAO - IBM MAXIMO - QUICKBRAIN

A local backup solution (script, application solution, etc.) was installed by ENNOVIA on the above server. This server is part of the overall backup outsourced to ENNOVIA.
A QBOX system is installed on the client’s OPC server. It allows the direct transmission of equipment usage times to Maximo via an IPSEC VPN set up at the beginning of the project by ENNOVIA and SBGE.
ENNOVIA accesses the servers via IPSEC VPN. A firewall manages access permissions to this infrastructure.
An external public HTTPS access is provided for the client’s access to the Maximo application.
Accesses are authorized through the application access system. Several “anti-attack” solutions are deployed on this server.

In conclusion, thanks to the successful collaboration between Chantiers de l’Atlantique (CdA) and ENNOVIA, an efficient tool based on IBM Maximo and QUICKBRAIN software has been implemented for the MRO contracts of Frigates and Helicopter Carriers for the French Navy. This solution centralizes data, streamlines operations, and ensures the reliability of the Navy’s vessels serving France.

ENNOVIA’s expertise in maintenance engineering and information system management was crucial for the configuration, setup, and data integration into IBM Maximo, providing optimal control of MRO contracts. Additionally, the use of QUICKBRAIN facilitated precise management of technical data and informed decision-making through indicators provided by Grafana and COGNOS.

Thanks to this tailored tool and the rigor of the processes put in place, Chantiers de l’Atlantique and the French Navy can guarantee the availability and performance of their vessels, thereby contributing to maritime security, national defense, and support for France’s essential missions worldwide.

For over 15 years, ENNOVIA has been assisting its clients with Maintenance Engineering Consulting, Industrial Site Digitization, Industrial Process Digitalization, and Team Training for various types of industrial installations and complex systems.

This activity has led us to develop our own CMMS tool, QuickBrain, which is now installed at over 200 industrial sites in 22 countries, with major contracts in the Defense sector.