Brussels South Wastewater Treatment Plant, Vinci Construction, Belgium

The consortium consisting of VINCI Construction Grands Projets, VMA Nizet (a CFE subsidiary), and CFE is responsible for the upgrading works of Brussels’ second wastewater treatment plant since January 2014.

VINCI Construction Grands Projets is in charge of modernizing the entire water treatment process, including implementing the second-largest membrane filtration surface in Europe.

Nizet Enterprise is responsible for modernizing the sludge treatment unit, ventilation/desorption system, and all electrical and control-command aspects.

CFE Infra handles the civil engineering and building lots.

The works are carried out in three major phases, involving demolition, construction, commissioning, and operation-maintenance.

CMMS - IBM MAXIMO - ENNOVIA - Brussels-South Wastewater Treatment Plant, Vinci Construction, Belgium

Client: Brussels South Wastewater Treatment Plant

Station d'épuration des eaux usées de Bruxelles Sud - GMAO ENNOVIA

The Brussels-South wastewater treatment plant has been operational since August 2000. It became the property of the Brussels Water Management Company (SBGE) in 2006, with Vivaqua managing its operation until July 2015. Since then, SBGE has taken over the operation of the existing facilities.

The consortium of companies responsible for the modernization works is in charge of the operation-maintenance of the new facilities until provisional acceptance.

The project, initiated in 2014, enters its final phase in 2020 with the commissioning of the sludge methanization unit and the energy recovery of the produced biogas. By the end of 2020, the Brussels South Wastewater Treatment Plant is fully modernized, ensuring complete wastewater treatment and optimizing the production of residual waste while integrating energy valorization (electricity and heat).

The Brussels-South wastewater treatment plant is located in the Forest municipality, at the border with Anderlecht. It treats approximately 25% of the wastewater produced in the Brussels Region.

The new plant’s treatment capacity is 360,000 population equivalents, providing the ability to depollute urban wastewater and discharge high-quality water into the Senne River.

Furthermore, the plant improves the river’s condition by significantly reducing organic, nitrogen, and phosphorus pollution, which can deplete the river’s oxygen. It also captures sediments that could fill the Senne River bed (e.g., sand, large debris, biological residues, oils, and fats).

ENNOVIA‘s Missions

ENNOVIA is responsible for providing engineering maintenance services and implementing the CMMS (IBM Maximo) at the existing site, its extension, and external facilities (e.g., stormwater basins, pumping stations, etc.).

The plant employs approximately 70 people for its operation and maintenance.

Maintenance Engineering Consulting

  • Constructing the functional and technical hierarchy of the site
  • Analyzing equipment criticality
  • Creating and optimizing the maintenance plan
  • Establishing and optimizing the spare parts list
  • Integrating all site documentation
Maintenance Engineering Consultancy and Studies- Maintenance - ENNOVIA - technical documentation

Implementation of IBM Maximo 7.6 CMMS

  • Drafting functional and technical specifications
  • Providing licenses
  • Creating a hosted IT infrastructure (IBM Cloud Softlayer)
  • Installing and providing the application
  • Application configuration
  • Populating the application with data generated during the engineering maintenance phase (QB4MX)
  • Staff training

ENNOVIA provides an end-to-end service, delivering a turnkey CMMS to the client in collaboration with its own teams and those of the engineering department.

Information System Management, and Cybersecurity Services

The solution is hosted in ENNOVIA’s virtualized infrastructure on IBM CLOUD PARIS and is managed by ENNOVIA.

The server is supervised and maintained by ENNOVIA’s IS. High availability is ensured by IBM Cloud hosting.

ENNOVIA has installed the Windows server, middleware, and web applications on the virtual server provisioned on the IBM CLOUD platform.

Architecture: 2 virtual servers and their dedicated services

  • A Maximo Production Windows Server containing the WebSphere application server, the Maximo application, and its DB2 database.
  • A Quickbrain Linux server containing the Quickbrain web application and its MYSQL database.
Information System Management, and Cybersecurity Services - Ennovia

A local backup solution (script, application solution, etc.) has been installed by us on the above-mentioned server. This server is part of ENNOVIA’s outsourced general backup.

A QBOX system is installed on the client’s OPC server. It allows the recording of equipment usage times directly in Maximo via an IPSEC VPN established at the beginning of the project by ENNOVIA and SBGE.

ENNOVIA accesses the servers via IPSEC VPN. A firewall manages access permissions to this infrastructure.

A public HTTPS access is provided for the client’s access to the Maximo application. Access is authorized through the application access system, with several “anti-attack” devices deployed on this server.

In conclusion, ENNOVIA plays a key role in the realization of the Brussels South Wastewater Treatment Plant modernization project by Vinci Construction in Belgium.

Our expertise in maintenance engineering and the implementation of the CMMS (IBM Maximo) ensures effective management of the site’s operation and maintenance.

Through our consulting services, equipment criticality analysis, maintenance planning, and site documentation integration, ENNOVIA maximizes the impact of the CMMS functions.

Additionally, our Information System management and cybersecurity solution guarantees high availability of the infrastructure hosted on IBM Cloud. Our architecture, comprising two dedicated virtual servers, ensures the supervision, maintenance, and backup of critical data.

With our services, the modernization project of the Brussels South Wastewater Treatment Plant is successfully carried out, ensuring optimal wastewater treatment and integrated energy valorization, with maximized and controlled overall availability.

For over 15 years, ENNOVIA has been assisting its clients with Maintenance Engineering Consulting, Industrial Site Digitization, Industrial Process Digitalization, and Team Training for various types of industrial installations and complex systems.

This activity has led us to develop our own CMMS tool, QuickBrain, which is now installed at over 200 industrial sites in 22 countries, with major contracts in the Defense sector.