QR Code and Connected Maintenance: Codification and Labeling of Industrial Equipment

The codification and labeling of on-site equipment using QR codes is a widely used asset management process in the field of industrial maintenance. QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned using a smartphone or QR code reader.

This technology allows for storing specific information about each piece of equipment, which facilitates the identification, tracking, and efficient maintenance of assets.

But how does it work in practice, and what are the benefits?

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Implementing Equipment Codification and Labeling via QR Code for Industrial Maintenance

The implementation of on-site equipment codification and labeling involves several steps:

  • 1 – Firstly, each piece of equipment is assigned a unique identifier that will serve as the QR code.
  • 2. Relevant information is then associated with each QR code, such as equipment specifications, maintenance reports, service dates, etc.
  • 3. QR codes are generated and printed on durable labels. The labels are visibly and conveniently affixed to the equipment.
  • 4. Finally, QR codes can be scanned using smartphones or QR code readers to access the information associated with each piece of equipment.

QR codes contain information such as the equipment identifier, location, installation date, technical specifications, maintenance instructions, etc.

What are the benefits of QR codes for daily maintenance?

  • Firstly, on-site equipment codification and labeling allow for quick and accurate identification of equipment, thereby facilitating tracking and maintenance.
  • The information stored in QR codes also provides fast access to technical specifications, maintenance instructions, and equipment history, enabling more efficient intervention in case of breakdowns or maintenance needs.
  • Moreover, the use of QR codes helps reduce human errors associated with manual data entry, improving information accuracy and overall maintenance operation productivity.
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According to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group, the use of QR codes for equipment labeling can even reduce unplanned downtime by up to 50%!

(Source : Aberdeen Group. (2016). Mobile Asset Management: The ROI Impact).

Conclusion: A Highly Effective Technology When Properly Implemented

Codification and labeling of on-site equipment using QR codes offer numerous advantages in asset management and maintenance.

By providing quick and accurate access to equipment information, this technology enhances the efficiency of maintenance operations, reduces downtime, and facilitates the planning of industrial maintenance work.

However, all of this will only be possible if the information has been collected and organized correctly in the associated software. Hence, it is important to seek the expertise of a competent maintenance service provider who can audit the data in your information system before deploying this technology.

ENNOVIA, QR code, Maintenance, Codification, Labeling, Conclusion.

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